Dima Ardah | 100 Girls on the Infield

Name: Dima Ardah

When Dima got an invitation to play badminton from her high school PE coach, she had no idea the sport would change her life forever. Now, Dima has created Shuttlers Badminton Academy, the first badminton academy of its kind in Jordan. Dima hopes the academy will promote the game of badminton and increase its popularity in Jordan.

5 Reasons Dima is Awesome:

  1. Dima says, “My mission is to empower underserved women and girls to improve their health, to make decisions, to be courageous, to follow their passion, and to express themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.”
  2. Dima quit her job as an architect to pursue her dream sports career.
  3. In january 2014, Dima joined the NRC (Norwegian Refugee Council) as a sports trainer. This allowed her to see the immediate impact of sports on refugees and opened her eyes to a new aspect of the game – sports for social change and using sports to empower women!
  4. Dima says she likes badminton because it requires physical and mental toughness and she says they even call the sport “physical chess”.
  5. Of the game, Dima says, “One of the basic tactics in badminton is to do the unexpected; if your opponent is ready for a high shot, then you should surprise [them] with a drop shot, and this made me stronger in life. I’m always ready for the unexpected… I react fast to these changes in a way to save my life.”

Thanks to Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls for the story!

Photo via: www.espnwsummit.com


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