Kayleigh Peterson | 100 Girls on the Infield

Name: Kayleigh Peterson

Kayleigh started playing hockey around the age of 5 after watching her brother have fun playing the sport. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with a condition which can cause liver and kidney failure and the only cure was a liver transplant. Kayleigh received the transplant and quickly began playing in her local co-ed league, sporting a pink helmet and socks! Kayleigh’s favorite team is the New York Rangers, so it was an awesome surprise when Kayleigh joined the team at Madison Square Garden to sign her one-day contract!

5 Reasons Kayleigh is Awesome:

  1. There are no women in the NHL, but that doesn’t stop Kayleigh from playing the sport she loves!
  2. As part of her one-day contract, Kayleigh got to tour Madison Square Garden, watched the team warm-up and got to join the team on the ice for the National Anthem!
  3. When she’s not on the ice, Kayleigh encourages other girls to give hockey a chance, saying if they’re even considering, “[to] just do it, you will have a lot of fun!”.
  4. Kayleigh says hockey has taught her several important lessons, most notably, “how to be a team player” and “how not to be a sore loser.”
  5. Kayleigh is the first female on the New York Rangers roster!

Photo and story via Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls.


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