Qian Hongyan | 100 Girls on the Infield

Name: Qian Hongyan

Qian lost her two legs at the age of four because of a car accident. She grew up in a rural area of China’s southwestern Yunnan province where had no easy access to prosthetic legs. Because of this, she puts a basketball where the lower part of her body used to be. Qian learned to walk on her hands, using a basketball cut in half to steady herself. She was dubbed “basketball girl” by locals. She was encouraged to join a local swimming club for the disabled – the first of its kind in China – and was sponsored by the Yunnan Provincial Federation of the Disabled. “I had to give much more than other kids when I learned to swim,” she told China Daily in 2011. It was difficult at first, but this determined young lady braved through all the struggles and eventually went on to become a successful athlete. She trains for four hours every day with the goal of one day winning medals for her country in the Paralympic Games.


List 5 reasons this person is awesome:


  1. Even when she was in Yunnan, struggling to get on in life without legs, she didn’t let her physical handicap get her down.
  2. Her disability didn’t stop her from winning one gold and two silver medals at the 2009 National Swimming Championship for the Disabled.
  3. In 2014, Qian won the 100m breaststroke final during the Yunnan Provincial Paralympic     Games.
  4. Qian’’s success may mark the changing fortunes for China’s disabled – her inspirational story made her a young role model for China’s disabled.
  5. There’s more to Qian than just sports – she knows the importance of studying hard and never grouches in training although she was confronted with many difficulties at the beginning.

Want to know more about this strong chinese girl, check out the following video:


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