Nadia Murad | 100 Girls on the Infield

Name: Nadia Murad Basee Taha, @NadiaMuradBasee

When Nadia Murad Basee Taha was just 21 years old, she was living in a village near northern Iraq when ISIS fighters raided her home town of Sinjar in Northern Iraq and captured nearly 5,000 Yazidi women. For three months, Nadia was raped and held captive as a sex slave. Finally, in November 2014, after three months of torture, Nadia was finally able to escape and she fled to Germany. Nadia was a student, but wanted to become a teacher. She studied history, her favorite subject, everyday. Since her escape, Nadia has been speaking out against her incident and even testified before the UN in New York to raise awareness of the plight of the Iraqi and Syrian peoples and urge more action to protect refugees from the conflict with Isis.

5 Reasons Nadia is Awesome:

  1. For Nadia (who comes from a conservative, humble background) to stand up, face the world and tell her story of gang rape, sexual harassment and torture, sheds light on the atrocities of ISIS and on the endangered lives of many other Yezidi girls and women.
  2. When Nadia talked about the plight of Yazidi women abducted by Isis, she asked the international community to rescue a number of 3,400 Yazidi girls and women from the hands of Isis.
  3. Murad is leading a media campaign in which she is travelling the world to meet with heads of state to discuss the killings, displacement and exile that the female Yazidis have been exposed to.
  4. Nadia is a perfect example of bravery. She is the symbol of women’s struggle against the dark forces aiming to degrade women.
  5. Because of her bravery, the Iraqi government nominated Nadia Murad for a Nobel Peace Prize.

It’s not easy to speak out for enslaved girls and women, especially when ISIS is a threat to your home, family and livelihood. Nadia is a voice to thousands of silenced Yezidi girls – she speaks on the right to life, the right to live in peace and the right for girls not be used as property. Because of Nadia’s bravery, she is today’s Awesome Girl on the Infield!


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