Mo’ne Davis | 100 Girls on the Infield

Name: Mo’ne Davis, @MoNeDavis

At age 13, Mo’ne Davis was already throwing fastballs on par with the Major League. Her record 71 MPH fastball landed her alongside Emma March in the 2014 Little League World Series, the first in which two girls participated. Davis was the first girl in Little League World Series history to pitch a winning game and the first girl to pitch a shutout in Little League postseason history. Additionally, Davis won the Best Breakthrough Athlete ESPY Award in July 2015.

5 Reasons Mo’ne is Awesome:

  1. Mo’ne is the first female player to pitch a shutout in 67 years of the Little League World Series.
  2. Although not yet a high school freshman, Mo’ne has already been signed to the Harlem Globetrotters, pending her college graduation, of course.
  3. Mo’ne’s poise on and off the mound has encouraged young girls to join their local Little League teams; some teams’ participation has increased over 50 percent, according to this article.
  4. Mo’ne rose to fame last summer by playing baseball, but her favorite sport is basketball. Her dream training partner: reigning NBA champion Steph Curry.
  5. 2015 was a big year for Mo’ne – she released her memoir, Mo’ne Davis: Remember My Name, designed a line of sneakers for girls, with some proceeds going toward the Plan International’s Because I am A Girl initiative, which helps lift girls in the developing world out of poverty.
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“Throwing 70 MPH — THAT’S throwing like a girl.” – Mo’ne Davis


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